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Working Dog Breed

Learn how the one thing can change your whole relationship with your dog and become the key to reaching all of your training goals.


In today's home, our dogs live the life.  They are loved, spoiled, exercised, walked, and given all the affection and attention that they crave.  Bark boxes show up at their house each week, doggie daycare is part of the weekly schedule, and often our dogs stretch out on the bed kind enough to leave us with our little sliver.  Seemingly, today's family dog wants for nothing EXCEPT for ONE thing and this 1 thing can change your whole relationship with your dog. 


Take a minute and think about what your dog was bred to do.  Was your dog bred to guard, herd, hunt in some capacity?  Were they bred to have a soft retrieving mouth or a sharp mouth and take down prey like the Daushund?  Do you know how to satisfy that working drive and desire that is pulsing through the very blood and breath of your dog?  Through our working dog tract, you will learn how to use your working dog's nature to motivate your obedience, focus and recall goals.  You will learn how to bond and satisfy with them on the deepest level.  Tapping into our dog's working nature is the one thing so many of these dogs crave and so many behavioral issues stem from a lack of this in their life.


For many of us, we never considered that to help our dogs reach our goals, learning how to tap into their working nature is key to tapping into their greatest training potential.  I know I never considered such a thing with my border collie 15 years ago and as a result she suffered from anxiety and unpredictable aggression and mainstream training was not helping her improve.  Once I learned how to satisfy her working nature of the deepest level, her aggressive issues dissipated as I learned how to use her working nature to motivate and build obedience, recall, reliability and focus that stuck even when situations were difficult for her.


 For many of these working breeds, the "in the box training" fails to satisfy their deepest desire and therefore these dogs begin to develop a lack of focus, anxiety, reactivity and even aggressive issues as a result..  Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman's, Pitbulls, Mastiff's, Jack Russel's, hounds, collies  terriers are just some of the breeds that are increasingly becoming statistics because on some level, as a society we are failing to give them what they need to function as a reliable, social and well adjusted family dogs.   If you own a working dog breed or mix and have found yourself kicked out of doggie daycare or struggling in obedience classes, then we are here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your dog.  Rather, the "in the box" training is not satisfying their nature.  They need an approach that taps into their working nature.  You will never contact two trainers more thrilled to work with a working dog breed.  They become rock stars in this training methodology.  


Video - Showcasing dogs that were struggling until we tapped into their working nature. - Bite toy work into obedience

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