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Break Through Behavioral Barriers

Is your dog lunging, growling, nipping, biting, fearful, anxious, stealing things out of the trash?

We can help.

New Clients Begin With A Customized In-Home Consultation

The in-home consultation is designed to shed light on the root of your dog's behavioral patterns and distress. An invitation to get curious and step into your dog's point of view. 

Aggression & Reactivity

Working Dog Breeds

Anxiety & Fearfulness


Shelter Dog/Resuce

Masters of Obedience


The Big Six 

Ending problem behavior at it's root.

The nature of the "problem" dog is misunderstood in today's culture. We have grown comfortable using the terms dominant, stubborn, jealous and un-trainable to describe our problematic dog. But the reality, is the root issues lie much deeper.

We've broken dog's behavior into six macro influences on behavior: Genetics, Temperament, a Puppy's First 6 Months, Stimulation, Stress, Trauma. In each of our programs, we look to understand where the behavior is stemming from and work with you to solve it longterm. 



Nail Cuttings

Sometimes dogs do not like their nails cut and it becomes a stressful situation.  We can teach how to develop a foundation to tolerate and even relax for nail trimmings so you can confidently do it yourself.

Help at the Vet

If your dog is struggling to be vetted, let us help you develop the capacity for your dog to be vetted, groomed, receive ear medications and receive brushings.  We will even accompany you to the vet's office and help you through the process.

Canine Companions

Perhaps you would like to get together for walks, play dates or just share in the training journey together?  Invite a friend and share the cost of any of our programs.


Specialty Boarding

If you are a current or past client, your dog can come and stay with us in the comfort of our homes when you need to travel.  If your dog struggles with anxiety or aggression, travel with peace of mind knowing your dog is staying with trainers it has come to like, know and trust.

Tier 1: Master the Basics

  • Bronze Package

    Every month
    • One 90-minute Home Lesson
    • Thursday Evening Check-In via Zoom
    • Rising Canine Training Workbook
  • Silver Package

    Every month
    • Two 90-minute Home Lessons
    • Thursday Evening Check-In via Zoom
    • Rising Canine Training Workbook
  • Gold Package

    Every month
    • Three 90-minute Home Lessons
    • Thursday Evening Check-In via Zoom
    • Rising Canine Training Workbook
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