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Often what determines whether a dog will show aggression or anxiety is filtered through temperament.   A dog with a stronger temperament will externalize their behaviors manifesting as aggression, while a softer temperament will internalize manifesting as anxiety.  While both dogs show behavior differently, they share the same inner emotional struggle which is an impending feeling a losing of control over their environment.  From a human perspective, we battle with feelings of anxiety and worry when we do not feel in control of ourselves and our surroundings.  Life is moving too fast, it feels unpredictable, we don't know what to expect and change is difficult.  Similarly, this same struggle is alive and real in your anxious dog. Whether your dog is struggling with separation anxiety, drooling, fearful of people and dogs, demonstrating constant pacing and whining, noise phobia, digestive issues, sensitivity issues, or simply looking nervous in situations, our goal is to help these dogs develop the tools to feel in control of their surroundings.  


Video (Meet Leo)

Video (If only our love was enough, doesn't teach how to master fear and anxiety)

Video (Fear becomes aggression)

Video (First steps)

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