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Throughout the past ten years, I have been listening to the stories owners share when they call for consultations with a "problematic" dog. It would surprise you what they have in common - these owners are loving, responsible, and dedicated. They proactively researched how to raise a well-balanced dog. Yet, baffled and confused, they have no idea how their dog arrived here. We often think that reactivity, aggression, or anxiety is characteristic of dogs with a bad or unknown past. Don't get me wrong; this is true, and trauma powerfully influences behavior, but it is not the common culprit compelling owners to reach out for help. 



My message to you: Problem behavior develops under the radar. It accrues overtime and bursts like a dam because we do not truly understand our dog's perspective. "Live consciously" challenges the way we know our dog's behavior. It asks us to be curious and learn a purposeful approach to everyday activities because it's the small things matter. Canine behavior is like a trail of breadcrumbs leading us to a deeper understanding.

- Founder of Rising Canine 


As we slowly phase back towards full operations, we will be evaluating training requests on a case-by-case, first-come basis. For the time being, these options will be limited to individual at-home lessons until we can restart group training courses.  

In-Home Lessons

It can be difficult to apply all you are learning and tailor the information to your particular home, property and issues. We want to work with your dog in their most "real" form and witness the good, bad, and ugly with zero judgement so we can help your dog become the best version of themselves. 

Online Training Center

Your all-in-one hub for Rising Canine Training: exclusive videos, workbooks, virtual lessons, and more. 

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Board & Train

Our residential rehabilitation program is unique and powerful. Rehabilitation is ideal for dogs struggling with serious behavioral issues including anxiety, aggression, fear, and phobias. 



"Heather and Mark were able to explain his behavior to me in a way that no trainer/ educator/behaviorist has to date. Suddenly, all his behaviors made sense, I felt for the first time I could understand why he did what he did and that he wasn't a 'bad dog,' I just needed to change my approach."

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